Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 4 cubes
Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 4 cubes

Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 4 cubes

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Urban Bar's four-cavity silicone ice cube tray: simplified elegance for your drinks


Enhance your beverages with style


Craft ice cubes that complement your drink's presentation with Urban Bar's Silicone Ice Cube Tray. This tray, featuring four moulds, is designed to produce large 4.3cm square ice cubes. The precise design of this mould ensures each ice cube has neat, sharp edges that double as a visual garnish for any beverage.


Large cubes for bold flavors


The substantial size of the ice cubes made with this tray is perfect for a rocks tumbler, keeping your whiskey cool with minimal dilution. Or use a single cube in a coupe glass to add a unique twist to your cocktails.


Quality materials for lasting use


Created with BPA-free silicone, this tray is a flexible yet durable option for your bar. It's resistant to odors and stains, which preserves the pure taste of your ice. These features contribute to the tray's longevity, making it a valuable addition to your bar tools.

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