Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 9 cubes
Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 9 cubes

Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray 9 cubes

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Urban Bar silicone ice cube tray: sharp cubes for cool drinks


Create crisp ice cubes

This Urban Bar Ice Cube Tray is engineered to produce nine uniform 33mm ice cubes, each with distinct edges for a sophisticated look in any beverage.


Resilient silicone for versatile use


Made from sturdy silicone, this tray is resilient to temperatures from a frosty -40°C up to a hot 230°C, making it a kitchen essential for more than just ice.


Simple, functional design


Designed with ease in mind, the tray allows for quick removal of ice cubes and is just as simple to fill. It’s a practical addition to any home bar or kitchen that allows you to serve up drinks that look as good as they taste. It’s an understated yet essential tool for anyone who loves a perfectly chilled drink.

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