Urban Bar Tattoo Julep Cup 410ml
Urban Bar Tattoo Julep Cup 410ml

Urban Bar Tattoo Julep Cup 410ml

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Urban Bar Tattoo Julep Cup: artistic flair for your cocktails

Craft a visually captivating cocktail experience with the Tattoo Julep Cup from Urban Bar. Merging the classic charm of a julep cup with the edgy aesthetics of tattoo art, this cocktail cup is sure to be the centerpiece of your barware collection.


Durable premium steel with a twist


Constructed with high-quality steel, this cup is laser-engraved with tattoo-themed characters, each accentuated with black, food-safe ink, ensuring that your serve is as safe as it is striking.


Versatile and unique


Perfect for a refreshing mint julep or any cold cocktail, this cup's engravings not only add personality but also provide a tactile experience as you enjoy your drink.


An ode to tradition with modern edge


The Tattoo Julep Cup combines the timeless tradition of julep cups with contemporary tattoo art, making every sip an expression of classic cool.

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