Urban Bar Tiki Julep Cup 410ml
Urban Bar Tiki Julep Cup 410ml

Urban Bar Tiki Julep Cup 410ml

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Urban Bar Tiki Julep cup: a touch of tropical elegance


Discover the charm of the Pacific islands with our Tiki Julep Cup, the ideal choice for presenting your cocktail creations. Whether you're stirring up a refreshing mint julep or a vibrant tropical mix, this cup introduces a subtle yet stunning detail to your beverage presentation.



Durable Japanese stainless steel


Constructed with the finest 18/8 Japanese stainless steel, the Tiki Julep Cup offers both resilience and a gleaming polished finish. It's not only an attractive addition to your barware but also a practical one, with high corrosion resistance ensuring protection against rust.


Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


Ease of maintenance is key in a fast-paced bar environment or at home, and this cup delivers. Dishwasher safe, it promises a hassle-free clean-up, allowing you more time to enjoy your craft.


Stylish and versatile


The Tiki Julep Cup isn't just for juleps; it's versatile enough to be the vessel of choice for a wide array of cocktails. It's a subtle nod to island aesthetics that can complement any drink menu.


Your go-to for a polished serve


With its polished finish and durable build, the Tiki Julep Cup is your go-to for a cocktail serve that's as reliable as it is stylish. Make it a staple in your collection and watch it become the cup that both you and your guests reach for time and again.

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