Vacu Vin Cork Puller

Vacu Vin Cork Puller

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The Vacu Vin Cork Puller is an elegant two-prong wine cork remover and wine bottle opener for every occasion and every situation.


Corks from older bottles of wine and aging wines may get brittle over time. Using a corkscrew bottle opener with a spiral can damage the brittle cork, preventing you from uncorking the bottle. Instead use this cork puller, the perfect instrument to remove damaged or brittle corks neatly. After removing the wine bottle foil, insert the most extended prong between the cork and the bottleneck. In the same downward movement, insert the second, shorter prong, until both prongs are entirely inserted into the sides of the wine cork. Left to right rocking motion might be needed to help insert the cork puller, do not turn the two prongs until fully inserted. To remove the cork, pull with a rotating motion.


The Vacu Vin Cork Puller’s 2-in-1 design allows you to open bottles with a crown-cap such as soft drinks, beer and more. Its sleek ergonomic, compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable and easy to carry, use and store. Its high-quality stainless steel components and non-stick material make it a highly durable product for prolonged usage and is dishwasher safe. 

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