Viittaa Coupe 180 ml
Viittaa Coupe 180 ml

Viittaa Coupe 180 ml

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VIITTA Coupe Glass - Simplicity Meets Sophistication


Welcome the essence of quality with Viittaa


Meet the Viittaa Coupe glass – a simple yet sophisticated choice for any venue that values both quality and uniqueness. Ideal for the professional bartender or the home enthusiast, this glass is a staple for anyone who takes their beverages seriously.


Highlighted features:


  • Laser-cut precision: Enjoy a more refined sip with the laser-cut rim, a detail that subtly enhances your drinking experience.
  • Consistent excellence: Each glass reflects our commitment to quality, designed for durability and a pleasing clarity that lasts.
  • Adaptable style: Whether it's a bubbly cocktail or a delicate dessert, this glass is a top pick for its versatility and understated elegance.
  • Thoughtful design: The glass is shaped to not only look good but to make your drinks and dishes look their best too.


The Viittaa touch


With the Viittaa Coupe, presentation is never overstated. It’s about finding the perfect balance between form and function, ensuring that each drink or dish served is an experience to remember.


A refined addition


A true connoisseur knows that the right glass makes all the difference. The Viittaa Coupe is a choice that respects the drink, the craft, and the occasion. Choosing Viittaa means opting for glassware that complements your style. It’s the detail that signifies you care about the finer aspects of serving and enjoyment.

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