Wihayo Soju 19% 700 ml
Wihayo Soju 19% 700 ml

Wihayo Soju 19% 700 ml


The vision of Korean born, Amsterdam based author and ‘foodie’ Nathalie Ji Yun Kranenburg, Wihayo Soju is produced in Schiedam, the Jenever capital of the world. It reveres a more artisan approach to distilling fermented rice and enzymatic malted barley using a traditional Jenever distillation system. The high quality rice and malted barley are ground on site by the producers very own windmill that has been in use for six generations, dating back to 1785. Wihayo is the first premium quality soju to be made in Europe — an exciting innovation perfectly combining the distilling traditions of both Korea and the Netherlands.


The name Wihayo derives from the word ‘Wihayeo’ — a phrase used by young Koreans when they cheers before drinking soju — ‘for you’ in Korean.



Rice and malted barley.


Production process

Wihayo is a rice spirit developed by master jenever distillers at Herman Jansen. A mash is created combining crushed rice grains with enzymatic malted barley. The particular yeast starter culture selected for fermentation provides the sought after fresh and fruity alcohol which is in turn concentrated through a double distillation process. A small amount of liquorice distillate is added for natural sweetness and the final liquid is bottled at 19% ABV.


Tasting Notes

The resulting small batch craft spirit is big on the nose with aromas of malted cereal, walnut and meadowsweets. This carries through and develops further on the palate with fresh green apple notes, hints of liquorice, heather honey and the clean, pure, unadultered taste of rice. Sugar free equals guilt free drinking with Wihayo and at 19% ABV its light-bodied style makes for an ultra smooth drinking experience.


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