Anton Windmar

Bar Manager at Cadierbaren

Hey there Anton, so happy we got to sit down for a chat with you! The first question might be the most obvious, but who is Anton?

My name is Anton Windmar and I’ve worked as a bartender and bar manager my whole adult life. I’ve worked several rounds in London, and at many different places in Sweden as well. Now I’m the bar manager at Cadierbaren in the prestigious Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. I live in Uppsala with my partner and love it there, despite the commute.

How do guests find you and your co-workers at Cadierbaren?

Cadierbaren is the heart and soul of the five star Grand Hôtel, located at Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8 in Stockholm, across from the Royal Castle. After you’ve been greeted at the door of the hotel we’re only half a stair up and to the right.

What’s the idea behind your cocktail menu?

Our new cocktail menu ’States of the art' is about the connection between Sweden and France (States) during the era when Grand Hôtel was founded by the Frenchman Regis Cadiér. The inspiration for the cocktails come from the art, fashion, extravagance as well as the food- and beverage culture. We combine all of this with Swedish ingredients creating the essence of what Grand Hôtel is today.

What is the best seller on the cocktail menu and what ingredients are in the drink?

We have two cocktails that have stood out during the first weeks since we launched the menu. The first one is Parade Punch which is a punch inspired cocktail. The golden era of the punch was in full swing in the late 1800s, and was very popular at both Grand Hôtel and in the Royal Castle.

The other best-seller is the cocktail Cabaret, a milk punch heavily inspired by the Moulin Rouge and gives you the feeling of sitting in an impressive show venue and all the impressions that comes with.

Parade Punch

Apple ice cider
Liqueur de champagne


The Botanist Gin
Wild strawberries
Pineau des Charentes
Green Chartreuse
Coconut milk

How did you end up behind the bar?

Something drew me to the bar very early. My interest in working behind the bar started way before I even tasted a sip of alcohol. When I graduated high-school I moved to London and took a bartending course which soon led to my first job. And that’s the way it went!

Which is your favourite bar in the world?

That’s a tricky question, there are so many bars that I like. Tjoget is a favorite in Sweden. Internationally I love two neighboring bars in London – Bar Termini and Bar Swift. Another bar I’ve had some great times at is Boadas in Barcelona, the oldest cocktail bar in Spain which is an amazing classic.

What is your favourite product from barkonsult?

Ocho Blanco is a favorite and a product that I’ve chosen to work with for many years now. It tastes amazing of course, but I like it so much because of how they incorporate sustainability in their process and how they work.

Thank you so much for doing this interview Anton, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you a bit better!

Of course, the pleasure is all mine!