1924 Coupe 140 ml
1924 Coupe 140 ml

1924 Coupe 140 ml

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A vintage cocktail experience


Embrace the heritage of cocktail craftsmanship with the Onis 1924 Coupe. This glass is a celebration of the prohibition era's secret indulgence, providing an authentic touch of elegance to your drinking experience.


Vintage charm for the modern connoisseur


The Onis 1924 Coupe is designed to captivate with its timeless appeal. The shape, reminiscent of the speakeasy trend, turns each cocktail session into a visually stunning event. With its clear, delicate construction, this glass is a true homage to the period when cocktails were not just a drink but an art form.


Perfectly sized for pure enjoyment


This 140ml coupe is more than just a glass—it's a statement of sophistication. It's the ideal size for those moments when you wish to savour each flavour note of your drink. The Onis 1924 Coupe ensures that from the first to the last sip, your drink remains an intimate affair.


Whether it's the effervescence of a fine sparkling wine or the rich layers of a classic cocktail, this coupe amplifies the experience. The Onis 1924 is not just a part of your barware; it becomes an essential part of the cocktail ritual, promising to make every sip memorable.


A tribute to cocktail history


Each Onis 1924 Coupe glass carries with it a story of an era gone by, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It's not just about what's inside the glass; it's about celebrating the history and culture of cocktail-making.


Ready to add this exquisite piece to your collection? The Onis 1924 Coupe is waiting to be the centrepiece of your next toast. With its vintage-inspired elegance and perfect sizing, it's the ultimate gift for the cocktail lover in your life or a treat for your personal bar.

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