1924 Gin & Tonic glass from Onis shown on a white background
1924 Gin & Tonic 620 ml

1924 Gin & Tonic 620 ml

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Rediscover classic elegance with a modern twist


Embrace the charm of the Onis 1924 Goblets, where classic jazz era meets modern mixology. Perfect for bars and homes that love to serve drinks with a story and a style.


Key features:


  • Historically inspired design: Drawing from the iconic A.D. coupe Copier and reenvisioned for contemporary tastes, these goblets offer a nod to the past while serving the present.
  • Functional elegance: Designed to hold 62cl, they’re perfect for a generous gin and tonic or your cocktail of choice, with a shape that accommodates both style and comfort.
  • Delicate yet durable: Crafted for a refined look with everyday durability in mind.


Celebrate the blend of tradition and innovation


The Onis 1924 collection is ideal for anyone seeking that blend of functional design with a touch of historical elegance. These goblets are about celebrating every pour with durability that doesn’t compromise on style, making them perfect for any setting that appreciates the art of a good drink.

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