1924 Small Cocktail 140 ml
1924 Small Cocktail 140 ml

1924 Small Cocktail 140 ml

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Timeless elegance


Discover the allure of the prohibition era with the Onis 1924 Small Cocktail Glass. This piece brings a vintage charm to your bar collection, designed for those with a taste for history and quality.


The Onis 1924 glass is a nod to the past, featuring delicate curves and a design inspired by the classic prohibition era. Its crystal-clear glass allows you to fully appreciate your cocktail's visual appeal, enhancing the overall tasting experience.


Crafted for the cocktail aficionado


This glass, holding a precise 140ml, is the ideal companion for the meticulous mixologist. It's thoughtfully sized for personal enjoyment, ensuring that every crafted cocktail is enjoyed thoroughly and responsibly.


A touch of prohibition-era sophistication


With its elegantly designed stem and intricately detailed base, the Onis 1924 cocktail glass is the epitome of speakeasy elegance. It's the perfect glass for classic cocktails and is sure to add an air of sophistication to your bartending artistry.


Exceptional quality for lasting impressions


Created with professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts in mind, it promises not only a visually pleasing design but also the durability to withstand the rigours of frequent use.


Enhance your drinking experience with the Onis 1924 Small Cocktail Glass, a piece that not only serves your favourite libations but also celebrates the rich history of cocktail culture. Invite the spirit of the prohibition era into your home or establishment with this exquisite addition to your barware collection.

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