Cocktail pick set from 47 Ronin shown in its case on a white background
47 Ronin Cocktail Pick Set 105 mm, 4 pcs

47 Ronin Cocktail Pick Set 105 mm, 4 pcs

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47 Ronin Cocktail Pick Set: artistry in garnishing


Craft the perfect final touch to your cocktails with the 47 Ronin Cocktail Pick Set. Each pick is designed not just to hold your garnishes but to complement the entire aesthetic of your drink.


Sophistication in every skewer


Stylish and Functional: These picks from 47 Ronin bring a blend of utility and elegance to your barware collection, making the garnishing act a part of the show.


Key features for the discerning bartender:


  • Prestige of 47 Ronin: Crafted by a brand known for barware quality, each set is an investment in enduring style.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Versatile set: Includes four distinct designs, offering a variety of presentation options for your cocktail garnishes.


With the 47 Ronin Cocktail Pick Set, you're not just preparing drinks, you're crafting experiences.

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