47 Ronin Tin/tin Shaker Stainless Steel 820 ml
47 Ronin Tin/tin Shaker Stainless Steel 820 ml

47 Ronin Tin/tin Shaker Stainless Steel 820 ml

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47 Ronin Stainless Steel Tin-Tin Shaker: precision meets durability


Elevate your mixing game with the 47 Ronin Stainless Steel Tin-Tin Shaker, a staple for any bartender who values precision and durability. This shaker is designed to be as enduring as your passion for crafting exceptional cocktails.


Built for the art of mixology


In the hands of a bartender, this shaker becomes more than stainless steel—it becomes a trusted partner. With an 820ml capacity, it's sized for efficiency, allowing for swift and confident mixing. The stainless steel construction is chosen for its strength and its chilling capabilities, ensuring each cocktail is served up cold and inviting.



Sleek design, seamless experience


The shaker's seamless design isn't just for looks; it ensures a tight fit and a smooth shake, leaving no room for spills or leaks. The weight and balance are carefully considered, offering comfort and control as you blend ingredients into cocktail art.



Key features for the modern bartender


  • A generous 820ml capacity, perfect for crafting multiple servings
  • Premium stainless steel that stands up to rigorous use
  • A seamless, snug-fit design for a leak-free shake
  • A reflection of 47 Ronin's commitment to quality in mixology


With the 47 Ronin Tin-Tin Shaker, you're not just mixing drinks—you're joining a legacy of bartenders dedicated to the craft of cocktail creation.

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