Bespoke Coupe 280 ml
Bespoke Coupe 280 ml

Bespoke Coupe 280 ml

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Onis Bespoke Coupe: elegance for every occasion

Designed for the discerning

Experience the latest in sophisticated glassware with the Onis Bespoke Coupe. This 280ml glass is the essence of personalized luxury, crafted for those environments that command a sense of premium quality. The Bespoke range is synonymous with 'specially designed for you,' catering to spaces that aspire to create an ultimate and refined drinking experience.

Imposing yet understated

The glass stands tall on a long, thin stem, grounded by a large footplate for perfect balance. Its Finesse Laser cut rim is engineered for elegance, offering a polished edge that complements the glass's commanding presence. This coupe glass brings an understated sophistication to any setting, enhancing the ambiance with its premium feel and ensuring that every sip is savored in style.

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