Bespoke Coupette 120 ml
Bespoke Coupette 120 ml

Bespoke Coupette 120 ml

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Onis Bespoke Coupette: a small wonder for cocktails

Elegance for exclusive creations

The Onis Bespoke Coupette, with its quaint 120ml capacity, is the perfect vessel for the most exclusive and concentrated of cocktail delights. Its petite size is complemented by a sophisticated design, featuring a long, slender stem that elegantly descends into a wide base for optimal balance and beauty.

A refined choice for crafted concoctions

Ideal for those luxurious sips where every drop is savored, this glass is a must-have for the cocktail enthusiast who adores crafting and enjoying high-concentration mixtures. It's the epitome of cocktail glassware, designed to make each drink not just a taste, but an experience to remember.

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