Bespoke Martini 190 ml
Bespoke Martini 190 ml

Bespoke Martini 190 ml

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Onis Bespoke Martini glass: the art of sophistication


Crafted for elegance

The Onis Bespoke Martini glass, with a 190ml capacity, is a testament to personalized elegance. Developed by Onis, this glass features a high stem, wide foot, and a laser-cut edge, all meticulously designed to elevate your drinking experience. It's more than a glass; it's a statement piece that offers a sophisticated and ultimate way to enjoy your martinis.

A personal touch of luxury

Bespoke means "specially designed for you", and each sip from the Onis Bespoke Martini glass is designed to make you feel special. The precise laser-cut edge provides a seamless transition from glass to lips, while the high stem and wide foot ensure a comfortable hold and stable placement. Whether you're a martini aficionado or a lover of fine cocktails, this glass enhances every moment, making each drink a bespoke experience.

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