Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer Copper

Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer Copper

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Classic elegance with modern functionality


Introducing the Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer in a stunning copper finish, a timeless addition to any bar setup. This beautifully designed strainer combines the classic charm of traditional bar tools with the practicality needed for today's mixologists.


Ergonomic and stylish


Crafted for comfort and efficiency, this Julep Strainer features a wide handle that provides a firm grip, making it easy to handle during the busy workflow of cocktail crafting. The copper colour not only adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your barware collection but also complements any decor style, from vintage to contemporary.


Made with durability in mind, this strainer is designed to withstand the rigours of frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance. The copper plating not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its robust construction.


Versatile bar tool


Ideal for straining cocktails that require a more refined texture, such as mint juleps or martinis, this strainer allows for smooth, sediment-free pours every time. Its broad face and tightly spaced holes efficiently filter out ice and herbs, delivering a perfectly clear drink.


A must-have for cocktail aficionados


Whether you're a professional bartender or a cocktail enthusiast at home, the Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer is an essential tool that marries functionality with style. Elevate your cocktail service and impress your guests with both the performance and appearance of this exquisite strainer.


Add this copper Julep Strainer to your collection and enhance the quality and elegance of your cocktail-making experience.

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