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The recent cocktail culture resurgence has brought with it a slew of new bar equipment coming to market. Both new product releases and style overhauls of existing favourites have increased in popularity as the cool factor has come back into mixology. Developing among these new products is a clear retro trend, with both bar design and bar equipment becoming inspired once again by the lavish styling of the 30s and 40s. Bold, art deco inspired designs and metallic finishes, such as gold and copper, can be seen more and more on bars, as customers become increasingly enamoured with the flair and panache of the cocktail trade.

At the heart of this resurgence, as it has been throughout the 87 years since its creation, is Bonzer barware. A firm favourite of mixologists the world over, Bonzer barware is renowned for its quality and style. With a broad range of barware available, and a focus on quality, British manufacturing that remains to this day, the Bonzer brand continues to innovate and inspire.

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