Urban Bar Dash Bottle Diamond cut 90 ml
Urban Bar Dash Bottle Diamond cut 90 ml

Urban Bar Dash Bottle Diamond cut 90 ml

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Urban Bar Dash Bottle with a diamond cut: precision and style in every drop


Unveil a touch of elegance and precision on your bar top with the Urban Bar Diamond Cut Dash Bottle. Designed for the discerning bartender, this dash bottle is a must-have for crafting cocktails with the utmost accuracy and flair.


Elegant diamond cut design


The dash bottle features a striking diamond cut design, which not only enhances grip but also captures and refracts light, adding a sparkling display to your bar setup. The intricate pattern is not just beautiful but also practical, providing a secure hold as you dash bitters or spirits into your concoctions.


Premium craftsmanship


Expertly crafted from high-quality glass, this dash bottle ensures clarity and longevity. The robust construction makes it an ideal choice for the bustling environment of professional bars as well as home bar enthusiasts who appreciate durability without compromising on style.


Optimal dispensing control


Topped with a precision pour spout, the dash bottle delivers a consistent flow, allowing for accurate measurement and the perfect balance of flavors in your cocktails. The natural cork stopper fits snugly, preserving the freshness of your bitters and ensuring a leak-free seal.


Versatile bar tool


Whether it's adding a hint of bitters to an Old Fashioned or a splash of vermouth to a Manhattan, the Urban Bar Dash Bottle's versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of cocktails. Its sleek and clear appearance allows for easy identification of contents, making it a breeze to switch between different liquids.


Enhance your mixology art


Invite the blend of functionality and sophistication into your mixology with the Urban Bar Diamond Cut Dash Bottle. It's not just a bottle; it's an investment in the art of perfect cocktail creation.

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