Botanica Dehydrated Lime 100 g
Botanica Dehydrated Lime 100 g
Botanica Dehydrated Lime 100 g

Botanica Dehydrated Lime 100 g

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Dehydrated lime from Croatia

Embrace the vibrant essence of dehydrated lime slices, carefully cultivated from the Citrus aurantifolia family in the sun-kissed orchards of Croatia. These matte green gems are an indispensable ingredient, promising to deliver a zesty flair to your culinary and mixology endeavours.


Bold and crisp flavour


Savour the distinct, crisp sourness that only the best limes can provide. Through meticulous drying under controlled conditions, our lime slices maintain their robust citrusy taste, perfect for infusing your recipes with a burst of authentic flavour.


A Mixologist's muse


In the realm of drinks, these lime slices serve as both a visual treat and a flavour enhancer for warm and cold beverages. They're harmonious with spirits like gin, vodka, and rum, and play a starring role in cocktail classics including the Margarita, Mojito, Gimlet, and Cuba Libre.


Complementary pairings


The versatility extends to aromatic partnerships with Mediterranean herbs and an array of spices, where the lime slices add complexity without overwhelming the senses.


A fun citrus fact


Cherished as a hybrid of the lemon and the cedar, this lime variety has secured its status as a top pick among cocktail lovers for its ability to add a sophisticated twist to any concoction.


Elevate your dishes and drinks with the unparalleled zest of dehydrated lime slices, a simple yet sophisticated touch that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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