Chicago DOF 303 ml

Chicago DOF 303 ml

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Onis Chicago DOF glass: for every occasion


Meet the Onis Chicago DOF, blending practicality with a touch of elegance. This 303 ml glass is all about no-nonsense sophistication for your daily beverage needs.


Whiskey to water


The Chicago Double Old Fashioned presents a straightforward, classic shape that's great for whiskey aficionados and suitable for any drink you prefer. The solid base ensures a good feel in your hand, offering a stable and enjoyable drinking experience. This glass is all about serving up your favorite drinks in a way that looks good and feels right. Its well-balanced design works just as well for water and juice as it does for spirits.


Key features


  • Adaptable for a variety of beverages
  • A solid base that fits comfortably in your hand
  • A balanced structure
  • Simple yet elegant for everyday use


Get your Onis Chicago DOF and enjoy your preferred drinks in a glass that complements both the taste and the occasion.

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