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Chicago Rocks 207 ml

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Chicago Rocks Glass by Onis: the essence of understated style


Refined simplicity for every occasion


The Chicago Rocks Glass, presented by Onis, is a celebration of classic design. With a focus on simplicity, it's tailored to complement any setting, from a casual home bar to an upscale hotel lounge.


Elegant and practical


Solid and Stylish: Featuring a substantial base, this glass not only looks good but feels good in your hand. It's designed to be a dependable, stylish staple that enhances the way you serve and enjoy your favourite drinks.


Quality in every detail


Lasting Excellence: Onis has carefully considered every aspect of the Chicago Rocks Glass, ensuring it provides a consistently superior drinking experience. It's built to endure, becoming a mainstay wherever fine drinks are served.


Key features for a polished presentation:


  • Ideal 207ml capacity: Perfect for neat spirits, classic on-the-rocks drinks, or compact cocktails.
  • Classic lines: Its timeless shape is versatile enough to suit a range of beverages and occasions.
  • Durable craftsmanship: Representing Onis's commitment to quality, this glass is made to last through years of use.


With the Chicago Rocks Glass, it's about more than just serving a drink; it's about delivering a touch of class with every pour.

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