Chicago Wide Hi-Ball 220 ml

Chicago Wide Hi-Ball 220 ml

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Streamlined elegance


Step into the world of minimalist chic with the Onis Chicago Highball Glass. This piece brings a sleek and timeless look to any setting, ideal for bars, restaurants, and hotels that favour a touch of class without the fuss.


Built to last


The Chicago Highball Glass is as sturdy as it is stylish. Its straight sides and heavy base promise stability and longevity, meaning it's well-suited to the demands of a busy establishment or the occasional clink at home gatherings.


Versatility in use


This glass is your go-to for an array of drinks, from the refreshing gin and tonic to a sweet rum and coke, or a zesty gin fizz. It’s equally at home serving a simple juice or soda, making it a true all-rounder in your glassware collection.


A fit for any occasion


Whether you’re catering to a high-energy crowd or setting the scene for a relaxed brunch, the Onis Chicago Highball Glass adapts effortlessly. Its design is straightforward, focusing on the pure enjoyment of the beverage it holds.


With the Onis Chicago Highball Glass, you’re choosing a versatile and durable option that respects the craft of drink-making and the simplicity of good taste.

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