Cocktail Kingdom CoCo strainer shown on a white background
Cocktail Kingdom CoCo Strainer

Cocktail Kingdom CoCo Strainer

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Cocktail Kingdom's CoCo Strainer: precision pouring for the perfect cocktail


Craft your cocktails with the finesse they deserve using Cocktail Kingdom's conical mesh strainer. Designed specifically for cocktails, this tool ensures a smooth pour while filtering out unwanted ice chips and pulp.


Optimized mesh design


Balanced filtration: The wider mesh allows for quick pouring without sacrificing the fine filtration needed to achieve a clear, refined drink.


No-mess precision: The conical shape is engineered to direct your pour into the glass, ensuring every drop adds to the drink and not to waste.


Durable stainless steel construction


Built to last, this stainless steel strainer is a sturdy addition to any bar set, ready to assist in crafting countless cocktails with its reliable performance.

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