Green Cocktail Kingdom Ice cube mold on a white background

Cocktail Kingdom Ice Cube Mould Small 1,25 inch

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Cool down your drinks in style


Meet the Cocktail Kingdom Square Ice Cube Tray, the vibrant green silicone tray that's a game-changer for any drink enthusiast or professional bartender.


Key features:


  • Silicone flexibility: The soft silicone material makes popping out ice cubes a breeze and simplifies cleaning.
  • Perfect cube size: Each cube measures 2.3 x 2.3 cm, making them the ideal size for shaking or keeping your drink chilled without watering it down too quickly.
  • Shaker-friendly: Fits perfectly into your shaker to chill your favorite cocktails to perfection.
  • Bright design: The lively green color adds a fun pop to your kitchen or bar setup.


Chill your beverages with precision


This tray isn't just for making ice; it's about elevating your beverage experience with perfectly sized cubes for a consistently cool sip, every time.

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