Collins Spoon Straw 195 mm
Collins Spoon Straw 195 mm

Collins Spoon Straw 195 mm

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The Collins spoon straw isn't just an ordinary utensil; it's a clever stainless steel accessory designed to add efficiency and style to your servings. With its simple yet effective dual-purpose design, this tool brings together a cocktail spoon and a straw.


Stylish practicality


It's not your typical bar tool; it's a multitasking companion that effortlessly combines two functions. Use the sleek spoon end to stir your cocktails, ensuring the ingredients blend perfectly, while the straw-like handle allows you to enjoy your drink with ease once the stirring is done. A seamless transition that saves time and adds a touch of convenience. 

Created from durable stainless steel, with a modest yet sleek design that adds a hint of style to your drink without overshadowing the main attraction. From sipping an Irish Coffee with finesse to effortlessly stirring your favourite concoctions, this tool lets you focus on what matters most – delivering well-balanced and enjoyable drinks to your patrons. 


Key features

  • Dual-purpose design – cocktail spoon and straw in one
  • Made from sturdy stainless steel for durability and reliability
  • Practical addition that efficiently transitions from stirring to sipping


Add the Collins Spoon Straw to your toolkit today and embrace the function it brings to your bar. 


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