FEW Rye 46,5% 700 ml
FEW Rye 46,5% 700 ml

FEW Rye 46,5% 700 ml


Bear witness to the revival of RYE.

Born of the hearty grain, our generous rye content is married with the sweetness of corn for a genteel interpretation of the venerable spirit.

Housed air-dried oak barrels, its spicy character transcends mere resurgence.

This is the Renaissance of rye. FEW Rye.

Blend of 70% Midwestern rye, 20% local corn and 10% two-row malted barley. Fermented with a wine yeast from France’s Loire Valley. Aged in air-dried oak barrels.


Tasting notes:

Crisp grain. Caramel and honey on the nose, with luscious whiskey sweetness on the palate. Spiciness is accented by notes of pepper, ginger and vanilla. The long, satisfying finish emphasizes toasted oak, cherry, plum and pear flavors.



FEW Spirits hails from Evanston in the United States of America, a city that suffered Prohibition for over one hundred years thanks to many of its advocates hailing from its dry streets. Thankfully Evanston is now home to this excellent craft distillery which takes its name ironically from the initials of Frances Elizabeth Willard, a key figure in the Temperance Movement.


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