Frothee Creamy Head, 237 ml

Frothee Creamy Head, 237 ml

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Frothee: the original creamy head for cocktails


Discover the convenience of Frothee, your go-to solution for adding that perfect creamy and airy head to your cocktails. This product is an excellent substitute for egg whites, offering the same visual appeal and texture without any of the hassle.


Simple to use


Using Frothee is as easy as it gets. Just add it to your shaker along with your drink ingredients, give it a shake, and serve. You'll achieve a beautifully creamy foam top every time, making your cocktails look as good as they taste.


Mess-free and efficient


Say goodbye to the mess and unpredictability of using egg whites in your cocktails. Frothee provides a clean, consistent result with every use, ensuring that your drinks maintain a professional appearance and quality, whether you're serving at a bar or at home.


Perfect for any cocktail


Whether you're crafting a classic sour or experimenting with new cocktail recipes, Frothee is the perfect addition to elevate the texture and presentation of your drinks. Its versatility and ease of use make it a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast or professional bartender.


Enjoy the signature creamy finish of your cocktails with Frothee, where great taste meets impeccable presentation with minimal effort.

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