Georgian Irish 177 ml
Georgian Irish 177 ml

Georgian Irish 177 ml

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The Georgian Irish glass from Onis is a tribute to the art of sipping Irish Coffee in style. Designed to enhance the elegance of your café, restaurant, or hospitality establishment, this glass embodies the essence of tradition and modernity, inviting you to savour the rich tapestry of flavours in every sip. 


Beyond the Irish Coffee


While the idea for the glass belongs to the Irish Coffee, the Georgian Irish is a versatile glass that can be used for a number of creative drinks. Imagine a layered dessert cocktail that delights both the eye and the palette. The glass captures the spirit of a bygone era with its refined Georgian-inspired design. The intricate detailing and graceful curves pay homage to the past while celebrating the present. The delicate yet robust form ensures a comfortable hold, and its 177ml capacity makes it a versatile glass for crafting artistic beverages that leave a lasting impression. 


Key features


  • 177ml capacity, for the perfect Irish Coffee experience
  • Elegant handle for comfortable and sophisticated sipping
  • Versatile design perfect for creating layered drinks
  • Crafted with attention to detail, for a touch of timeless charm


Elevate your coffee moments with the Georgian Irish from Onis – where tradition meets innovation in every sip. 

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