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Gibraltar Rocks 133 ml

Gibraltar Rocks 133 ml

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Gibraltar Rocks Glass: compact utility, robust design


The Gibraltar Rocks, with its 133 ml capacity, is a versatile choice for presenting a range of beverages from spirits to water. It’s a practical piece reflecting Onis’ dedication to functionality and quality.


Stable and space-saving


Steady and secure: Crafted with a solid base, this glass provides a dependable handhold, essential for a bustling environment. Its stackable nature coupled with dishwasher-safe convenience makes it a pragmatic choice for any restaurant.


Key features for seamless service:


  • Optimal volume: Ideal 133 ml size for a variety of drinks.
  • Durable build: Onis quality ensures resilience in daily use.
  • Stackable efficiency: Designed to save space without sacrificing style.
  • Easy maintenance: Dishwasher safe to streamline your operations.


With the Gibraltar Rocks Glass, elevate the serving experience by combining practical design with the reliability expected from professional glassware.

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