Glassine Straw Ø 6 x 200 mm
Glassine Straw Ø 6 x 200 mm

Glassine Straw Ø 6 x 200 mm

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Made from Japanese glassine paper, which is an eco-friendly option made from wood pulp. The supercalendering process that changes the cellulose makes the material naturally water resistant. 


Glassine paper is a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable material, making it healthy and safe for users and the environment. 


So what makes glassine different from normal paper? Well, it starts out in the same way. As with all paper, the process begins with wood being turned into pulp. Trees are chipped, and the wood chips are cooked to break the chemical bond of the lignin so the cellulose can be separated. This is then bleached, treated, and flowed through a moving wire cloth to drain water. The fibers then mat and intertwine, and paper sheets begin to take form. Once this is dried, the material then gets ”calendered” - meaning it’s pressed between hard-pressure cylinders called calendars. After this process, standard paper is complete! 

In order to make glassine you have to go one step further, through a process called supercalendering. The paper is put through the calendering process multiple times, usually on a special machine that has heated or cooled pressurized calendars. This extra process causes all the fibers of the glassine to be facing the same direction, which makes the material water and grease resistant. It also gives it higher density, low porosity, and a glossy finish. Since glassine is almost twice as dense as normal paper, it’s more durable and stronger than standard paper of the same weight. 

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