Levitas DOF 360 ml
Levitas DOF 360 ml

Levitas DOF 360 ml

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Elegant simplicity in a glass


The Levitas DOF Glass offers a minimalist design that complements the modern cocktail bar. Its slim profile and 360 ml capacity make it a subtle yet stylish choice for a variety of beverages.


Designed for the minimalist


The glass is distinguished by its ultra-thin edges, achieved through precision laser-cut technology. This fine rim allows each drink to be the centrepiece, ensuring nothing comes between you and your beverage. As one of Onis's thinnest glasses, the Levitas DOF fits beautifully within a minimalistic aesthetic. Its clarity and clean lines serve one purpose: to elevate the drinking experience without distraction.


Focused on the drink


This glass is crafted to put your drink on a pedestal. The delicate rim and clear body of the Levitas DOF Glass allow you to fully appreciate the flavours and colours of your cocktail.

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