Levitas Hi-Ball 343 ml
Levitas Hi-Ball 343 ml
Levitas Hi-Ball 343 ml

Levitas Hi-Ball 343 ml

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Levitas Highball glass by Onis: clarity in simplicity


Introducing the Levitas Highball Glass by Onis – where the minimalist trend in cocktails finds its perfect match. This glass is not just a container for your favourite highballs; it's a clear window to the purity of your drink's flavour.


Innovative craftsmanship


Thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, each Levitas Highball Glass features an ultra-fine rim that enhances the drinking experience.


Balanced design


Elegant stability: The Levitas Highball combines the dependable steadiness of a tumbler with the aesthetic grace of a stem. The result is a sleek and practical piece that doesn’t compromise on style.


Visually striking: With crystal-clear clarity, watch as your ice cubes appear suspended in your drink, complementing the current trend towards transparent and clarified beverages.


Key features to enjoy:


  • Ultra-fine rim: Crafted for an uninterrupted flow of flavor.
  • Sophisticated shape: Merges stability with modern design.
  • Dishwasher safe: Easy cleaning for both home and commercial use.
  • Enhanced presentation: Designed to showcase the beauty of clean, crafted cocktails.


With the Levitas Highball glass, elevate your cocktail experience to a work of art, and join the forefront of the modern mixology movement.

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