Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac 40% 70cl
Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac 40% 70cl

Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac 40% 70cl


The Merlet Brothers Blend cognac was produced by Gilles and his sons Pierre and Luc. A new style for a new generation. Merlet Brothers Blend is made with eaux-de-vie aged for at least 4 years. Most of the eaux-de-vie selected for this blend are from Fins Bois ‘crus’, with a fifth coming from Grande Champagne. The union of cognacs of different ages make it possible to develop a unique style – the youngest bring vigour and power, while the oldest bring complexity and maturity. Merlet Brothers Blend can be enjoyed on ice – the fruit aromas are highlighted and new floral flavours come to the fore.



The fruitiness and elegance of the Merlet Brothers Blend cognac make it very easy to sip and wonderful in cocktails as the Sidecar or the Orchard & Vine. Its fresh and delicate notes work perfectly with other ingredients without overpowering them.



Nose: Elegant and energetic, with notes of candied apricot, quince, white flowers, cinnamon and vanilla Palate: Merlet Brothers Blend unveils delicate notes of white fruits (peach and apricot) and a subtle woodiness. It’s a supple and well-balanced cognac, with a long and pleasant finish.

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