Merlet Melon 18% 50cl

Merlet Melon 18% 50cl


Merlet Cantaloupe liqueur (Crème de Melon Charentais) pays tribute to a local variety, renown for its quality and now produced in different regions. The Merlets source their fruits from partner producers who grow their melons a close distance from the distillery, which allows for perfect control of the quality of the product. Thanks to their position as currant growers and winemakers, the Merlets are able to exchange with their partner producers and call on their own expertise to select fruits of optimal ripeness. The flesh of the melon is soaked in pure alcohol to extract all its flavour, then pressed and filtered. Sugar and a touch of Pineau des Charentes are added to this natural fruit infusion to obtain the Crème de melon. Complete control of every stages of the process, from sourcing the fruits and selecting only the ripest to their transformation by Merlet, guarantees, together with the very high concentration of macerated fruits, the intensity and complexity of the final product.



Merlet’s Crème de Melon Charentais is enjoyed on the rocks, with soda water or in the French tradition with wine or Champagne.



A subtle and delicate nose, that will remind you of a freshly cut melon on your summer table, with a good rosé on the side. A complex blend of green tea, mango and very ripe Muscat. On the palate, the freshness of the melon is stunning, with a strikingly lengthy finish.

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