Merlet Soeurs Cerises 24% 70cl

Merlet Soeurs Cerises 24% 70cl


Merlet’s Soeur Cerise reinvents a great classic, Cherry Brandy. The Merlets source different varieties of cherries, including Morellos, for their wide aromatic range. This liqueur is produced using various traditional methods. The cherries are first soaked in pure alcohol to extract all their flavours, then pressed and filtered. This natural fruit infusion is blended with cherry distillate – for more powerful aromas -, cherry juice – for fresh cherry notes and some acidity – and a little bit of cognac for more depth and complexity. Sugar is then added to obtain the final liqueur. Complete control of every stages of the process, from sourcing the fruits and selecting only the ripest to their transformation by Merlet, guarantees, together with the very high concentration of macerated fruits, the intensity and aromatic freshness of this brandy, made according to an exclusive recipe.



Merlet Sœurs Cerises can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in cocktails as the Singapore Sling or the Blood and Sand.



Colour: Deep crimson with purple hue
Nose: Powerful sour cherry aromas, subtle notes of almond and cherry kernels.
Palate: Ripe, almost stewed, cherry aromas dominate, followed by a refreshing tanginess. Lengthy finish thanks to the cognac.

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