NUDE Finesse Double Old Fashioned glass on a white background
NUDE Finesse DOF 390 ml

NUDE Finesse DOF 390 ml

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NUDE Finesse Whisky Glass: stylish elegance, everyday reliability


Understated charm, enduring quality


Enhance your whisky experience with the NUDE Finesse Double Old Fashioned glass, thoughtfully designed to be as straightforward as it is sophisticated. The glass's unassuming curvature at the base adds a touch of elegance without overshadowing its pure and simple form.


Relaxed Refinement


Bring a sense of relaxed refinement to your drink service with the NUDE Finesse whisky glass. Whether for a quiet evening in or entertaining guests, this glass pairs the spirit of hospitality with the simplicity of modern design.


Key Features:


  • Elegant design: The base features a soft curve for a graceful look.
  • Clear crystal: Made with lead-free crystal for lasting clarity and strength.
  • Clean lines: A minimalist design that fits any occasion, from casual to formal.
  • Steady base: Engineered for a comfortable hold and stable placement.
  • Large capacity: At 390 ml, it's perfectly sized for your cocktails.
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