Monin Orgeat/Almond Syrup 25 cl
Monin Orgeat/Almond Syrup 25 cl

Monin Orgeat/Almond Syrup 25 cl

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Monin Almond Syrup: a sweet indulgence



Embrace the subtle, nutty flavours with Monin's Orgeat (Almond) Syrup, a sweet addition to any beverage creator's arsenal. The 25 cl bottle is an infusion of the finest almond essence and natural sweetness that promises to elevate your drink making to an art form.


A nod to tradition with a modern twist


The almond, with its romantic pink and white blossoms, is not just a fruit but a symbol of delicate beauty. This syrup captures the essence of sweet almonds with a gentle, slightly sweet flavour that's versatile and universally loved. Used traditionally in confectionery and Mediterranean delights like marzipan, Monin Almond Syrup brings this cherished flavour to a vast array of modern beverages.


Crafted from the finest ingredients


At Monin they believe in the purity of flavour, which is why their syrup is made with natural almond flavouring and pure beetroot sugar. This careful selection of ingredients ensures that every drop offers a consistent and authentic almond taste.


The essence of almond in every sip


Monin Almond Syrup isn’t just a syrup; it’s a gateway to creating luxuriously flavoured drinks. Whether you’re looking to add a nutty twist to your coffees and lattes, craft a classic Mai Tai, or create your own signature cocktails, this syrup is your perfect partner.

There's something truly sophisticated about the flavour of almonds, and this syrup brings this sophistication to your drinks menu. Its velvety sweetness and rich flavour profile make it an indispensable addition to your beverage creations.


Versatile and incomparable


Dive into the delightful experience of Monin Almond Syrup. Whether you're crafting drinks at a high-end bar or stirring up a comforting homemade latte, this syrup is your secret to unforgettable flavour.

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