Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl
Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl

Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl

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Paragon Labdanum: a subtle touch of ancient mystique



Discover the timeless elegance of Labdanum


Paragon Labdanum, a part of the new Mystic Collection, offers a unique blend of history and flavour, sourced from Southern Spain's Cistus Ladaniferus shrub. This premium cordial marries the resilience of ancient botanicals with the innovation of modern mixology, inviting you to craft cocktails with depth and a hint of mystique.


Crafted from tradition


Labdanum's rich, musky essence, with undercurrents of sweetness and notes reminiscent of leather and amber, has been revered since ancient times for its spiritual and healing properties. Today, it serves as a bridge between the past and present, offering a sensory experience that enriches every cocktail with its complex flavours.


The essence of Paragon Labdanum


  • Origin: Extracted from the arid landscapes of Southern Spain, embodying the essence of resilience.
  • Aromatic profile: A sophisticated mix of musk, sweetness, and amber-like depth.
  • Heritage & craft: Celebrated for its ancient significance and extracted using both time-honoured and cutting-edge techniques for unmatched purity.
  • Mixology potential: Perfect for crafting unique cocktails that intrigue and delight with every sip.
Origine : Spain
Extraction de saveur : Solvent extraction ; Steam distillation
Base : Brix 55° pH 1.8
Profil : Amber · Resin · Leather
Solvent extraction : Campher
Steam distillation : Amber
Format : 48.5cl


Embrace simplicity, elegance, and history


Paragon Labdanum is not just a cordial; it's an invitation to explore the subtleties of ancient flavours in contemporary creations. It challenges the modern mixologist to innovate, creating drinks that are not only tasted but remembered, bridging centuries with every glass.


Dive into the world of Paragon and let Labdanum elevate your cocktails. Visit Paragon Cordial for inspiration on incorporating this ancient essence into your modern mixology repertoire.

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