Paragon Palo Santo 48,5 cl
Paragon Palo Santo 48,5 cl

Paragon Palo Santo 48,5 cl

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Paragon Palo Santo: A Touch of Sacred Wood



Elevate your cocktails with the essence of tranquility


Introducing Paragon Palo Santo from Monin's esteemed Mystic Collection. Sourced from the heart of the Gran Chaco in South America, this sacred wood has been revered by indigenous cultures for its purifying and healing properties. Paragon Palo Santo offers a unique opportunity to infuse your cocktails with an aroma that's both grounding and uplifting, perfect for creating moments of peace and serenity.


The spirit of Palo Santo


Palo Santo, or "holy wood," holds a special place in the traditions of the Mayas, Incas, and other Latin American cultures, used by shamans and healers to ward off negative energies during sacred rituals. Its cordial captures the essence of this ancient practice, with a profile that blends deep woodsy notes and a subtle smokiness with hints of spice, offering a taste that's both rich and complex.


Distinctive features of Paragon Palo Santo


  • Origin: Harvested from the mystical Gran Chaco region, where the Palo Santo wood is collected with respect for its sacred origins.
  • Aromatic profile: A compelling mix of wood, smoke, and a touch of bitterness, enhanced with a spicy undertone, perfect for year-round enjoyment, especially in cooler seasons.
  • Cultural heritage: Embraced by ancient civilizations for its spiritual benefits, including cleansing and healing.
  • Extraction excellence: Utilizing advanced distillation methods to preserve the integrity and full spectrum of Palo Santo's aroma.
  • Cocktail creativity: Its distinctive flavour profile inspires innovative drink designs, adding depth and character to any beverage menu.


Origin: Gran Chaco
Flavour extraction: Steam distillation & Molecular distillation
Base: Brix 55° pH 1.8
Sensory: Wood · Smoke · Balsam
Steam distillation: Wood
Molecular distillation: Lactonic & Balsamic
Format: 48.5cl


A new dimension in cocktail creation


Paragon Palo Santo is more than an ingredient; it's an experience, inviting you to craft beverages that do more than quench thirst—they evoke emotion and tell a story. This sacred essence encourages mixologists and enthusiasts alike to explore beyond the taste, creating cocktails that resonate with the spirit of ancient traditions.


Discover how Paragon Palo Santo can transform your mixology practice. Visit Paragon Cordial for more information and to explore the full potential of this mystical ingredient in your next cocktail masterpiece.

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