Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl
Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl
Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl

Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl

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Paragon Vetiver: the essence of earthen power



Discover the depth of Vetiver in your cocktails


Unveiling Paragon Vetiver, a distinguished member of the Mystic Collection, this cordial brings the ancient strength and stability of vetiver grass, known as khamaré, into the realm of contemporary mixology. Originating from the fertile lands of Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, Paragon Vetiver embodies the spirit of the earth, offering a rich tapestry of flavours to enhance your cocktail creations.


Unearth the roots of Vetiver


Vetiver, with its deep roots reaching up to 3 meters into the earth, symbolizes endurance and resilience. For centuries, it has been a cornerstone in the cultural practices of its native regions, representing stability and the awakening of the soul's deepest connections. In mixology, its earthy, woody essence, accented with hints of pine, lays a foundation for innovative and profound drink experiences.


Highlights of Paragon Vetiver


  • Origin: Sourced from the lush landscapes of Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, where vetiver's roots dive deep into the soil.
  • Aromatic profile: A complex blend of earthiness, woodiness, and pine, with subtle layers of berries, spices, and liquorice, offering a unique flavour journey.
  • Cultural significance: Valued for its grounding properties and as a symbol of power and stability throughout history.
  • Innovative extraction: Crafted through a combination of supercritical CO2 and traditional distillation techniques to capture vetiver's full aromatic essence.
  • Versatility in mixology: Provides a robust, earthy base that inspires the creation of cocktails with depth, complexity, and character.


Origine : Java
Extraction de saveur : Steam distillation; Supercritical C02
Base : Brix 55° pH 1.8
Profil : Earth · Pine · Spice
Infusion : Camphor
Extraction c02 : Menthol
Format : 48.5c


A new frontier in cocktail craftsmanship


Paragon Vetiver invites you to explore the grounding power of vetiver in your drinks, opening up possibilities for a deeper connection with the ingredients you use. This cordial is not just an addition to your bar; it's an invitation to experience the ancient and the modern, the earth and the spirit, in every sip.


Embrace the transformative qualities of Paragon Vetiver in your cocktail repertoire. Visit Paragon Cordial for inspiration and guidance on integrating this rich, earthy essence into your beverage creations, elevating the art of mixology to new heights.

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