Pure by Monin Lemon Lime 70 cl
Pure by Monin Lemon Lime 70 cl
Pure by Monin Lemon Lime 70 cl

Pure by Monin Lemon Lime 70 cl

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PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime: naturally light


Introducing PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime, a vibrant blend that captures the essence of fresh lemons and limes in a beautifully balanced concentrate. Ideal for professionals and home enthusiasts alike, this flavour from the PURE range is about infusing your beverages with the crisp, tangy notes of citrus, without added sugars or unnecessary ingredients.


Crisp citrus flavour, purely crafted


PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime is your ticket to a world of refreshing citrus flavour, offering a perfect balance of lemon’s brightness and lime’s tangy kick. It’s a fantastic way to add a zesty twist to a wide variety of drinks, from sparkling sodas and iced teas to creative cocktails and mocktails, without the added sugar, preservatives or extra calories.


Full of natural goodness


  • No added preservatives: Lemon Lime is crafted without any added preservatives, keeping your drink as natural as possible. It’s all about celebrating the authentic taste of lemon and lime.
  • Low in sugar and calories: Embracing the natural tartness of citrus without extra sweetness, Lemon Lime is designed to be low in sugar and calories. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the lively taste of citrus without compromising on health.
  • Naturally zesty: With natural colours and flavours, PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime doesn’t just promise an authentic citrus experience; it delivers it. Add a dash of this concentrate to your drinks for a natural, zesty punch that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.


PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime is about bringing the bright, refreshing taste of citrus to your favourite beverages in a way that’s health-conscious and uncomplicated. It’s an ideal addition for crafting drinks that offer a burst of natural flavour, ensuring every sip is as refreshing as it is satisfying.


Choosing PURE by MONIN Lemon Lime means opting for a simple, delightful way to infuse your drinks with the essence of lemon and lime. It’s a zesty, joyful addition to any beverage, promising a taste that’s both invigorating and mindful of wellness.

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