Pure by Monin Mango Passion 70 cl
Pure by Monin Mango Passion 70 cl
Pure by Monin Mango Passion 70 cl

Pure by Monin Mango Passion 70 cl

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PURE by MONIN Mango Passion: tropical bliss, mindfully made


Introducing PURE by MONIN Mango Passion, a flavour concentrate that beautifully marries the lush sweetness of ripe mango with the exotic tartness of passion fruit. Designed for both professionals and enthusiasts, this addition to the PURE range invites you to bring a touch of the tropics to your beverages, all while keeping health and simplicity in focus.


Exotic flavours, naturally harmonised


PURE by MONIN Mango Passion encapsulates the essence of summer with every drop, offering a balanced blend of mango’s rich, velvety sweetness and passion fruit’s vibrant zing. It’s a fantastic choice for adding a burst of tropical flavour to a wide array of drinks, from refreshing iced teas and lemonades to creative cocktails and smoothies. This concentrate ensures your creations not only taste extraordinary but also capture the visual appeal and refreshing feel of tropical indulgence.


Vibrantly healthy, delightfully simple


  • No added preservatives: In keeping with the PURE range’s dedication to purity and quality, Mango Passion is crafted without any added preservatives. It’s about delivering the authentic, fresh taste of mango and passion fruit without unnecessary extras.
  • Low in sugar and calories: Tailored to fit a health-conscious approach, Mango Passion is thoughtfully formulated to be low in sugar and calories. It’s the perfect way to savour the flavours of the tropics without overindulgence.
  • Naturally colourful and flavourful: With natural colours and flavours, PURE by MONIN Mango Passion doesn’t just bring authentic tropical taste to your beverages; it also adds a naturally vibrant touch.


PURE by MONIN Mango Passion is more than just a flavour concentrate; it’s a celebration of tropical fruit flavours, designed for those eager to explore exotic tastes in a mindful, health-oriented way. It’s an ideal solution for adding a touch of natural sweetness to any drink, ensuring each sip is as joyfully refreshing as it is responsible.


By choosing PURE by MONIN Mango Passion, you’re choosing to embrace the delightful essence of mango and passion fruit in a way that’s more considerate of wellness. It’s a sunny, spirited addition to any beverage menu.

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