Pure by Monin Mint 70 cl
Pure by Monin Mint 70 cl
Pure by Monin Mint 70 cl

Pure by Monin Mint 70 cl

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Experience natural refreshment with PURE by MONIN Mint


Introducing PURE by MONIN Mint, your key to unlocking the naturally refreshing and invigorating flavour of mint, without the worry of added sugars, unnecessary additives, or excess calories. This flavourful concentrate is a part of the PURE by MONIN range, designed to bring the essence of real mint to your beverages in the most natural way possible.


A Pure, minty refreshment


PURE by MONIN Mint encapsulates the clean, crisp taste of mint, offering a refreshing twist to your drinks while keeping health and simplicity in mind. Made with real mint extracts, it ensures that you’re serving the authentic flavour of this beloved herb, free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners. This mint concentrate is not just about adding flavour; it's about adding value that aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle.


Whether you're looking to create a more refreshing version of Monin's traditional Marrakech Iced Tea or wanting to add a minty coolness to your lemonades and mocktails, PURE by MONIN Mint offers the perfect solution. Its versatility makes it a must-have for any menu, promising a burst of freshness that complements any ingredient it's paired with.


Commitment to health and simplicity


  • Low Sugar, low calorie: With no added sugars and extremely low in calories, PURE by MONIN Mint is ideal for customers seeking healthier beverage options that don’t compromise on taste.
  • No unnecessary additives: Embracing the purity of mint, this concentrate is free from added preservatives and sweeteners, offering a truly natural mint flavour.
  • Ease of use and quality: Simplify your beverage preparation with our convenient 10 ml pumps, guaranteeing a consistent, high-quality flavour addition with minimal effort.


PURE by MONIN Mint is more than just a flavour concentrate; it’s a commitment to offering your customers a guilt-free way to enjoy the refreshing taste of mint. Whether they’re looking to cool down on a hot day or seeking a light, flavourful drink that fits their dietary preferences, PURE by MONIN Mint delivers a naturally invigorating experience.


Incorporate PURE by MONIN Mint into your beverage lineup and give your customers the fresh, minty taste they love, with the added benefits of low sugar, low calories, and no unnecessary additives. It’s an easy choice for enhancing your drinks while keeping health and wellness in mind.

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