Pure by Monin Peach Apricot 70 cl
Pure by Monin Peach Apricot 70 cl
Pure by Monin Peach Apricot 70 cl

Pure by Monin Peach Apricot 70 cl

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PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot: naturally light, delicately fruity


Introducing PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot, a blend that gently combines the soft sweetness of peaches with the light tartness of apricots. This concentrate is all about offering a subtle touch of fruit flavour to beverages, perfect for those who prefer their drinks with a hint of natural sweetness and a mindful approach to ingredients.


Subtle summer flavours for health-conscious enjoyment


PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot is designed to enhance your beverages with a light, fruity note, perfect for adding a bit of summer to your drink without overwhelming the senses. It’s particularly suitable for crafting lighter sodas, teas, or cocktails, where the delicate interplay of peach and apricot flavours can shine through, adding a refreshing twist that's both understated and inviting.


Thoughtfully crafted for wellness


  • Focused on health: With no added preservatives, PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot keeps things simple and pure. It’s a choice that speaks to our commitment to offering flavours that are as close to nature as possible.
  • Low sugar, low calories: Mindfully made to be low in both sugar and calories, this concentrate allows you to enjoy the delightful taste of peaches and apricots without compromising on your health goals. It’s ideal for creating beverages that fit into a balanced lifestyle.
  • Natural taste and colour: Leveraging only natural colours and flavours, PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot offers a way to subtly enhance your drinks. It provides just enough fruity taste and a natural hue to make each beverage special, without adding unnecessary sweetness or artificial elements.


PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot is a testament to our dedication to quality, simplicity, and health. It allows for the creation of drinks that are light, refreshing, and aligned with a health-conscious approach, making it perfect for anyone looking to indulge in the flavours of ripe apricots and sweet peaches in a more thoughtful manner.


Choosing PURE by MONIN Peach Apricot means opting for a gentle, natural way to bring a touch of fruitiness to your beverages. It’s about enjoying the subtle flavours of summer fruits in a way that’s considerate of wellness, offering a delightfully light addition to any drink menu.

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