RCR Melodia Martini 210 ml
RCR Melodia Martini 210 ml

RCR Melodia Martini 210 ml

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'Melodia' Martini glass by RCR - the essence of classic cocktails


The perfect serve


The 'Melodia' Martini glass by RCR brings a timeless elegance to any setting, from the buzz of the bar to the intimacy of your home. Its classic design and 210 ml capacity make it the ideal choice for a range of short drinks, served up with sophistication.


Designed for the classics:


  • Optimal capacity: The 210 ml size is just right for traditional martinis, ensuring each cocktail is enjoyed as intended.
  • Classic meets artistic: The renowned 'Melodia' pattern adorns the chalice, enhancing the aesthetic of the classic martini.
  • Exquisite stem work: A beautifully crafted stem complements the glass's overall design, offering a grip that is both comfortable and stylish.
  • Spotlight on your spirits: Whatever your pour, this glass ensures that your cocktails are always presented in their best light.
  • Artful addition: Joining the 'Melodia' collection, this martini glass contributes a visually interesting element to any glassware collection.


A glass for every occasion


Whether it's the simplicity of a dry martini or the complexity of a layered sour, this glass makes each cocktail an occasion in itself.


Celebrate every sip


Embrace the art of cocktail making with glassware that's designed to be as much a part of the experience as the drink itself.

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