RCR Melodia Old Fashioned 240 ml

RCR Melodia Old Fashioned 240 ml

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RCR Melodia Old Fashioned Glass: a toast to time-honoured craftsmanship


Experience the classic charm of Italian glassmaking


The RCR Melodia Old Fashioned glass, with its 240 ml capacity, is a celebration of RCR’s long-standing Italian heritage and artisanal expertise. Ideal for those who enjoy the timeless appeal of a meticulously crafted glass to enhance their drinking pleasure.


Robust yet refined


This Old Fashioned glass is a showcase of RCR's commitment to tradition and quality. With a rich legacy of Tuscan craftsmanship, each glass is a piece of art, featuring intricate designs that catch the light and bring life to your favourite spirits.


Perfect for sipping whiskey, bourbon, or any spirit of your choice, the Melodia Old Fashioned glass combines a robust build with a refined aesthetic. Its solid base and comfortable weight speak to RCR’s dedication to producing glassware that’s both beautiful and practical for regular use.


Bringing Italian elegance to your home bar


From RCR’s esteemed Melodia collection, this Old Fashioned glass adds an element of sophistication to your bar without any pretence. It’s for those who value the harmony of reliable craftsmanship and unpretentious style.


The RCR Melodia Old Fashioned glass is more than just a glass; it’s an invitation to enjoy the simple luxuries of life, with the quality and elegance that only RCR’s Italian glassmakers can provide.

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