Roma Champagne 190 ml

Roma Champagne 190 ml

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Roma Champagne glass - classic simplicity for every toast


Effortless celebrations


The Roma Champagne glass is your go-to for those sparkling moments. Holding a pleasant 190 ml, it offers a no-fuss, elegant way to enjoy your favorite champagnes.


Features for everyday toasts:


  • Just enough: The 190 ml capacity is ideal for those who prefer a moderate serving of bubbly.
  • Sleek design: Its slender shape is not only stylish but also easy to hold, making it a practical choice for any event.
  • Ready for any occasion: From big celebrations to quiet toasts at home, the Roma glass is versatile and ready.
  • Durable elegance: Crafted to last, it brings both durability and a touch of elegance to your table without pretense.
  • Classic sStyle: The clear, unadorned glass complements any setting, matching traditional and contemporary aesthetics alike.


Simple joys


The Roma Champagne Glass is all about the joy of the moment—simple, shared, and savored.