Rona Celebration Champagne 210 ml
Rona Celebration Champagne 210 ml
Rona Celebration Champagne 210 ml

Rona Celebration Champagne 210 ml

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Elevate your toasts


Celebrate any occasion with the Rona Celebration Champagne Flute. Crafted from lead-free crystal, this flute offers stunning brilliance and clarity. Its elongated, ultra-thin, pulled stem adds a touch of elegance to your champagne experience, making it perfect for any celebration.


The sleek and sophisticated design ensures a comfortable grip, while the finely crafted bowl enhances the champagne's bubbles and aroma, allowing you to fully appreciate every sip. Whether you're toasting to a special moment or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the Rona Celebration Champagne Flute brings a sense of refinement to your drinkware collection.


Why choose Rona glasses?


Design and Sound RONA glasses are delicately crafted, producing a clear, diamond-like sound. Their beauty is evident at first sight, and they offer a refined drinking experience.


Environmentally Friendly RONA's unique crystalline composition is free from lead and other harmful pollutants, making the glasses safe for your health and better for the environment.


Dishwasher Safe RONA glasses are designed to withstand up to 1000 dishwasher cycles, maintaining their brilliance and clarity, making them convenient for everyday use.


Improved Resistance Reinforced in key areas, RONA glasses are more resistant to scratches and impacts, ensuring they remain in great condition for longer.


Brilliance and Clarity Using high-quality erbium, RONA glasses provide exceptional transparency without any milk coating, ensuring long-lasting clarity.


Choosing Rona means opting for stylish, durable, and eco-friendly glassware. Each glass is crafted to enhance your drinking experience and stand the test of time.

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