Skinny Can Beverage 330 ml
Skinny Can Beverage 330 ml

Skinny Can Beverage 330 ml

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The Skinny Can from Onis brings the best of both worlds to your drinking experience. Whether you want to enjoy a chilled beer, serve innovate cocktails, or sip on a refreshing mocktail, this glass effortlessly bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. The unique design pays homage to tradition while adding a touch of sophistication to your drink presentation. 


Key features

  • Innovative skinny can design for a unique drinking experience
  • Generous capacity of 330 ml
  • Crafted by Onis for impeccable style


Discover the Skinny Can Beverage today and enjoy the best of both worlds – a distinctive design that embodies the spirit of a can and the sophistication of a glass!

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